I think about us
The way we were
The way we held hands
Or hugged silently
Looked into each other’s eyes
And the way we gorged
Onto the flesh of each other
Those brutal kisses
Those gentle kisses
Those forehead kisses
I feel it. All of it
And a bomb explodes
Inside my chest
Tearing everything apart.

Before we die..

Planes crash.
Bombs blast.
Fires and Floods.
Earth trembles.
Death and decay.
Life broods and cry.
Where is love?
Love me.
Before we die.

Age withers.
The Void grows.
Body numbs.
Mind torments.
Memories darken.
Spirit fumbles.
Where is love?
Love me.
Before we die.

ना होती..

एक तुम और एक तुम्हारे होने का एहसास
काश दो अलग अलग बातें ना होती

भटकती रहती हूँ दर बदर तुम्हे ढूँढते हुए
काश तुमसे मेरी वो मुलाक़ातें ना होती

जिस्म को मेरे छू कर ख़ुश होते रहे
काश दिल की कड़ी तुमसे लगाई ना होती

नादाँ थी सोचती थी साथ रहेगा ताउम्र
काश मेरी रूह में मोहब्बत समाई ना होती

-रुचि कोकचा


It is raining so gently outside

That I can barely hear it fall

The trees must be dancing

On a muted thunderclap

Locked in my room alone

I donot feel the wind gushing

From between the branches.

My mind turns to the Amaltaas

Lying behind my car steering

Still trying to dry off its own life

Still carrying the touch of your hand

When you brought it for me

The evening we were driving nowhere

And yet everywhere around

Showing off our happy highs

Mixed up with music and laughter

Stolen kisses as the car drove on its own

While the world beneath us

Had indeed turned upside down.

It must have rained that evening too

Somewhere, right? Find me that place

I wish to grow an Amaltaas there

So that you can bring it for me

Laden with your touch, Every day after.


कुछ ज़ख़्म इतने गहरे होते हैं
कि उनको भरना
वक़्त के बस की बात नही होती
मोहब्बत और साथ के
मरहम के बिना मुमकिन नहीं
और जब ये नहीं मिलते
तो ये खुले ज़ख़्म रिसते रहते है
हर पल रिसते रिसते
ये नासूर बन कर कचोटते रहते हैं
तुम मेरी रूह पे बना
ऐसा ही एक खुला हुआ नासूर हो
जिसे कोई नहीं भर सकता

एक बार फिर से लौट के आ

एक बार फिर से लौट के आ

अभी दिल थोड़ा और टूटना बाक़ी है

ज़ख़्म पिछले सब भरने लगे हैं

तेरा उनको कुरेदना अभी बाक़ी है

एक बार फिर से लौट के आ

अभी दिल थोड़ा और टूटना बाक़ी है

नींद आँखो में अब आने लगी है

मेरा रात भर तड़पना अभी बाक़ी है

एक बार फिर से लौट के आ

अभी दिल थोड़ा और टूटना बाक़ी है

आँसू मेरे सब सूखने लगे हैं

तुझे याद कर बिलखना अभी बाक़ी है

एक बार फिर से लौट के आ

अभी दिल थोड़ा और टूटना बाक़ी है

लगता है ज़िंदगी मुझमे लौट रही है

मेरा दोबारा से मरना अभी बाक़ी है

Are you in a relationship with someone who has Mental Health Issues? Read On

Read on If you are in a relationship with a person who has mental health issues.

  1. Repeat this in your head hundred times a day: IT IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY. Be Patient. If you really love them you have to be patient with them. Nothing else will work.
  2. TRANSPARENCY & INVOLVEMENT: Keep things transparent with them. They cannot handle obscurity. One little doubt in their mind can inflate to a huge level. They can overthink and ruin everything. Think through the level of life sharing you can do when you know you like someone who has mental health issues. You’ll need to share your life in every bit,keep them on the same page,same line. All mental health diseases have one thing in common: Overthinking.If you think you aren’t prepared to curb their tendency of overthinking by sharing your life with them 100% then don’t get involved.
  3. ASSURE: M/H issues make one do &say things they don’t mean/want to. Try to understand the fight they are going through. Help them fight this war in their mind.Don’t fight against them.Fight with them.Tell them that you understand, assure them that you are there no matter what.
  4. LISTEN:You need to be a good listener. You might feel they are clingy. And they tend to be,because they are too emotionally dependent.They have a lot going on in their mind.Ask them, be a part of it all.Listen to them,even if you can’t find a solution,just listening will help
  5. AVOID:Calling them mad,blaming them,cheating on them,ghosting, blocking,abuse,arguments,fights. It will only make things worse.
    If you think you can love them despite their issues, express your feelings and concerns. If you think you can’t handle, be honest & leave decently.


ग़म ये नहीं की उनके इश्क़ में हम फ़ना हो गए

ग़म ये है की हम मिट गए और वो दग़ा हो गए

ग़म ये नहीं की मुझ से अलविदा वो कह गए

ग़म ये है जाते जाते वो एक दफ़ा भी नहीं पलटे

ग़म ये नहीं की दूरियाँ कुछ ज़्यादा ही बढ़ गयी

ग़म ये है की नज़दीकियों को मौक़ा नहीं मिला

ग़म ये नहीं की ख़ामोशी कानो में चीख़ती रही

ग़म ये है की लफ़्ज़ों का सन्नाटा सहा न गया

ग़म ये नहीं की मोहब्बत का रंग उतर चुका था

ग़म ये है की इस दर्द का इक दाग़ भी ना पड़ा


On an early winter morning

I sat up in my bed, half woken

Like a spring being pulled

By a force unknown

half drenched half frozen.

A war witnessed

Fire rained from the heaven

The landscape probably turned

Deep orange, black in places

Sky seemed a shade of dead grey

Powerful Smoke blinded

I could hear you at a distance

as if calling my name. Not sure though.

I trusted my ears, my legs followed.

I ran till I couldn’t feel them anymore

But my eyes found their lost hope

Lying wounded on the ground

The white shirt turned red in patches

Further soaked by my tears

Wailing, I put your head to my bosom

Total blackout. Armageddon.

I dragged you amidst the darkness

Till both of us vanished

As if sucked into a blackhole.

Safe from this dangerous world,

That knows only the end.

I have tasted deceit

I have tasted deceit

On the tip of my tongue

When you kissed me.

I have felt my insides churning

At the mere thought

Of confrontation.

I have seen indifference

Slowly seeping

Into each of your pores.

I have seen your eyes

Looking away

Despite being with me.

I have known loneliness

While being wrapped in your arms

listening to your heartbeat.

I have taken cruelty

At the most sensitive hours

Garbed as mood swings.

I have experienced all this

And more

And yet I cannot let go.

Who made love

Such a terrible thing

Do you know?