My life in six words: People come. People go. Poetry stays.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ruchika,

    Recently I visted ur profiles and started following you on FB and INSTAGRAM. I really don’t know what exactly I liked in ur writings! But, somehow they connected me! Especially the way you express emotions!! I even tried to contact you but my efforts were fruitless! 😦 Hoping to receive your response!!

    Best wishes

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  2. I am immensely moved by your blog post and twitter wtitings. I also saw your pictures on instagram. You simply inspire love and motivation in me. Wanted to talk to you! Take a bow mam!


  3. 6 words are not enough
    To tell a story so deep
    Sometimes we never know ourselves
    and what has within seeped

    There are more to shades to us
    than we ever thought there were
    and as we dig within
    we find layer after layer

    and the same is with you , I believe
    Parts yet to be explored .
    And “The Mystic Dom” likes what he reads here
    So he will surely come back for more

    To read more of the parts of you
    Hidden deep with your soul
    and then, Ms Kokcha , we shall see
    How the picture looks whole

    – © The Mystic Dom
    15/10/2016 for Ms Ruchi Kokcha at http://www.ruchikokcha.wordpress.com


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