It is raining so gently outside

That I can barely hear it fall

The trees must be dancing

On a muted thunderclap

Locked in my room alone

I donot feel the wind gushing

From between the branches.

My mind turns to the Amaltaas

Lying behind my car steering

Still trying to dry off its own life

Still carrying the touch of your hand

When you brought it for me

The evening we were driving nowhere

And yet everywhere around

Showing off our happy highs

Mixed up with music and laughter

Stolen kisses as the car drove on its own

While the world beneath us

Had indeed turned upside down.

It must have rained that evening too

Somewhere, right? Find me that place

I wish to grow an Amaltaas there

So that you can bring it for me

Laden with your touch, Every day after.

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